Assoc. Prof. Agata Zaborska
position: Researcher


Research Interests

Recent projects

  1. Carbon fluxes in Atlantic and Arctic waters mixing zones, Greenland Sea, 2008-2010, founded by Polish Research Council (manger: Zaborska A.).
  2. Allocation of contaminants by birds in Hornsund, Svalbard, 2006-2008, founded by Polish Research Council (leader: Pempkowiak J.).
  3. Benthic sedimentary processes in the northwestern Barents Sea, 2005-2007, founded by Polish Research Council (leader: Pempkowiak J.).
  4. Application of Pb-210 dating method to the Arctic sediments (Kongsfjorden, Barents Sea), 2003-2005, founded by Polish Research Council (leader: Zaborska A.).
  5. CABANERA - Carbon flux and ecosystem feedback in the northern Barents Sea in an era of climate change”, 2003-2007, founded by Norwegian Research Council (leader: Wassmann P.).
  6. On Thin Ice? - Climatic Influence on Energy Flow and Trophic Structure in Arctic Marine Ecosystems”, 2002-2005, founded by Norwegian Research Council (leader: Carroll M.).

Recent publications

  1. Bełdowski J., Miotk M., Zaborska A., Pempkowiak J., 2015. Distribution of sedimentary mercury off Svalbard, European Arctic. Chemosphere 122, 190-198.
  2. Zaborska A., Winogradow A., Pempkowiak J., 2014. Caesium-137 distribution, inventories and accumulation history in the Baltic Sea sediments, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity127(11-25).
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