Climate indices


Description. Our publications on climate feedbacks in the Nordic seas region and their links to the large-scale atmospheric variability were based on a seasonal mean (June-September) time series of Atlantic water temperature (AWT) in the Barents Sea opening (BSO) area in the period 1982-2005. Click here hand (AWTBSO19822005.pdf) to see the AWT-BSO time series and
hand for details of its construction.

Data access. Click here hand (AWTBSO19822005.txt) to download the AWT-BSO time series (ascii format).

Usage conditions. The paper in which the AWT-BSO time series was introduced (Schlichtholz and Houssais, 2011) should be cited and the sources of temperature data used for its construction (ICES, 2006 & Boyer et al., 2006) should be acknowledged:
  • Schlichtholz, P., and M.-N. Houssais (2011), Forcing of oceanic heat anomalies by air-sea interactions in the Nordic Seas area, J. Geophys. Res., 116, C01006 doi:10.1029/2009JC005944
  • International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (2006), Hydrographic Database,, Int. Counc. for the Explor. of the Sea, Copenhagen
  • Boyer TP, Antonov JI, Garcia HE, Johnson DR, Locarnini RA, Mishonov AV, Pitcher MT, Baranova OK, Smolyar IV (2006), World Ocean Database 2005, S. Levitus, Ed., NOAA Atlas NESDIS, vol 60. DVDs, U.S. Govt Print. Off., Washington, D.C (also available from