Jerzy Dera

Jerzy Dera, born 1933, Mosina, Poland

Prof. Dr. of physical sciences,
Speciality: marine physics, hydrooptics.
Author or co-author of many papers and books in marine physics (e.g. Marine Physics, Elsevier, 1992, Fizyka Morza, PWN, 1983, 2003, Light Absorption in Sea Water, Springer, 2007)

Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS, since 1991),
Director of the Institute of Oceanology PAS (1990 - 2002),
Member of the Polish National SCOR(Chairman of the Committee, 1981-1990),
Editor-in-chief of the scientific periodical Oceanologia, since 1983,
Member of the Central State Committee for the conferment of scientific degrees and titles (1994 - 2010),
Chairman of the Scientific Council, Institute of Oceanology PAS (2003 - 2010),
Chairman of the National Committee for co-operation with the IOC UNESCO (2004-2006),
Member of the European Science foundation Marine Board (1995 - 2010),
Member of Polish Physical Society and European Geophysical Society.