Main projects:

  • Project ACCESS De-icing of Arctic Coasts: Critical or new opportunities for marine biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Funded under BELMONT Fund National Science Centres of USA, Norway, Denmark, Canada and Poland starting from 2019 to 2023. Svalbard registration number (RIS) 9148.

  • Project ADAMANT Arctic benthic ecosystems under change: the impact of deglaciation and boreal species transportation by macroplastic. Funded under National Science Centre, Poland from 2018 to 2021. DAINA – Polish-Lithuanian Funding Initiative, NCN 2017/27/L/NZ8/03331, Research on Svalbard registration number (RIS) 11199.

  • Project Land-Sea-Act of Interreg Baltic Sea Region Accommodating of land-sea interactions into maritime and coastal planning in the Baltic Sea Region through blue-green infrastructure and ecosystem services. Responsible institution: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development ; IOPAN as a partner.

  • Project WaterPuck financed by the National Centre for Research and Development within BIOSTRATEG III Programme "Natural environment, agriculture and forestry" devoted to the Problem Area I "Rational management of natural resources with special regard to water management" from 2017 to 2020. IOPAN as a leader. Implementation of taks 9.

  • Project Re-evaluation and Homogenization of Aerosol Optical Depth Observations in Svalbard by funding program Svalbard Strategic Grant no. 311250. Responsible institution: NILU; IOPAN as a partner. Implementation of milestone 1,3 and 5.

  • Project Electronic Oceanographic Data Sharing Center No POPC.02.03.01-00-0062/18-00, funded under Program Operacyjny Polska Cyfrowa, II oś priorytetowa E-administracja. IOPAN as a leader. Implementation of task 2: project promotion.

  • Baltic Beach Wrack - Conversion of a Nuisance to a Resource and Asset (CONTRA) Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 #R090; Responsible institution University of Rostock; IOPAN as a partner.

  • Project DWARF Declining size - a general response to climate warming in Arctic fauna? Funded under Core 2012 Call of the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme implemented under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism from February 2014 to January 2017, contract number: Pol-Nor/201992/93/2014. Responsible institution: IOPAN.

  • Project GLAERE Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia. Funded under Norwegian Funding Mechanism in 2013 nr DZP/POL-NOR/1876/2013 6th August 2013, RIS 6783, project Number: PL12-0081. Responsible institution: IOPAN.

  • Project manager for people starting a scientific career, who do not have a doctoral degree, who are successful in their scientific activity and have a doctoral dissertation in a Polish research unit or will have a doctoral dissertation in a Polish research unit. Doctoral scholarship for research conducted as part of the preparation of the doctoral dissertation covering basic research within the project financed by the National Science Center - Etiuda 4, 2016/20/T/ST10/00385, title: Horizontal variability of aerosol optical properties in the European Arctic. IOPAN as a leader.

  • AERONET (Aerosol RObotic NETwork) and MAN (Maritime Aerosol Network) measurement network program - participation in obtaining photometric data during R/V Oceania cruises from 2012.

  • Poland-AOD Scientific and Research Network based on 2 NCN grants:

    -Differentiation of the time-space radiative forcing over the Polish, number: 1283/B/P01/2010/38 for period: 2010-2013; implemented as part of data collection and measurements.

    -Determination of aerosol optical properties based on the synergy of remote sensing measurements, number: 1276/B/P01/2010/38 for period: 2010-2013; implemented as part of data collection and measurements.

    Currently, the research network is partly financed from the own resources of the institutions included in the consortium and research projects of the National Science Center: Integrated research on climate processes with the participation of absorbing aerosols, implementation period: 2013-2018. (19)

    IO PAN as a consortium partner: