Towards a sustained global observing network for marine biogeochemistry

Research activities in our group focus around the main theme of evaluating and optimising the global ocean carbon and biogeochemistry observations. Our main goal is to identify gaps in the current biogeochemical observing capacity in terms of coverage and sampling resolution with respect to key biogeochemical phenomena in order to lay a strong scientific foundation for designing an optimum fit-for-purpose, multidisciplinary ocean observing system that would respond to the scientific and societal requirements driven by changes in climate and ocean ecosystem health.

Our work focuses on the Framework for Ocean Observing (2012) which recommends that observing activities be organized around community-defined Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs), the measurements of which should assure that the outputs of the observing system properly address the issues that drove the original requirements. As members of Global Ocean Observing System Biogeochemistry Panel our Group has the capacity to define and promote our research-based recommendations onto international agendas enabling the implementation of these concepts.

To meet these ambitious goals we utilize a wide network of international collaborators representing various fields of expertise (observationalists, data managers and modellers) and observing networks: ship-based, moored, autonomous and remote sensing; and apply our strong analytical skills and proven capacity to perform multidisciplinary research.

Below you can find a list of selected research interest topics that our Group has been engaged with:

Selected Research Interests